Photo of me looking up at fall leaves in a park.

I’m from Brazil and I lived for the last five years on three different islands abroad: Long Island, Oahu, and Great Britain.

I love nature; and studied biology and education.

I worked as:

  • a scientist in a lab where I used to wear a white coat and do scientific experiments,
  • an educator in a botanical garden where I used to wear hiking boots and explain science to kids,
  • an intern in a charity that empowers youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue STEM careers where I contributed with the planning and delivery of their summer programme.

Currently, I have been working as Outreach and Engagement Officer for the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) where I work with scientists to organise and deliver outreach, education and diversity projects for other scientits and the wider community. I also support these scientists that are members of the Society with their career development.

I believe that we can decrease inequality through mentoring and education.

My journey got entangled with the creative writing path in 2021.

I write children’s stories inspired by ideas that pop up while playing with my daughter. My short stories draw on my Brazilian culture and scientific background.

This website contains some of my stories, some news about my journey and my scientific papers.