About me

Photo of me looking up at fall leaves in a park.

I'm Brazilian, biologist, educator, and proud mother living in the United Kingdom.

Exploring different subjects and finding a connection among them excites me. Being open to opportunities has given me the chance to explore distinct areas of biology such as neuroscience, behaviour, microbiology, and botany. Also, this has inspired me to learn more about creative writing and programming, which is what I have been trying to focus on lately. Approaching the learning and development process through teaching internships, scientific communication and outreach, conservation efforts, and the design of educational resources have changed my perspective on education at all levels.

The chance to live and work abroad has allowed me to experience cultural and political ideas; which has furthered my sense of respect, admiration, and acceptance. Bonds with distinct people and ways of thinking makes our own story more meaningful. I have been trying to nurture and value these relationships throughout my life.

Although many of my hobbies are nature-related, such as hiking and camping, I also enjoy the simple pleasures of life like a great meal, an engaging conversation, and a lovely dance.

Becoming a mother has taught me a lot about myself and my priorities. I have never been better at organising my time and turning my ideas into actions.

This website is a reflection of these experiences and I will be building it slowly. Bear with me.

If you would like to know a bit more about my career, please have a look at my CV.