Have you ever found that side of yourself that was hidden? Maybe because of a previous traumatic situation, a reprehension by your peers, or even a lack of self esteem? Don’t worry, this is not a self help story. Nonetheless, it is based on a song called Reflection. I have been writing lately, which is obvious since you’re reading this, but just to say I have just started my journey as a creative writer. That’s what I thought…

When I was about 11, my mum bought me a Christina Aguilera album. At that time, CDs were the most popular option and I had only one or two originals since they were quite expensive. So, you can imagine that I was listening to it over and over again for the most part of that year. As I was learning English as a second language at school, the lyrics in the CD small booklet helped me to understand what she was singing. To be honest, I wasn’t able to understand everything but had a good idea. And for some reason I was just addicted to the Reflection song. I know you might think it was because it was the soundtrack of the Disney’s film Mulan, but believe it or not I just watched this film many years later.

The school which I was attending decided to organise a writing competition close to the Easter holiday. Although I don’t remember what they were asking for, I do remember I wrote a little piece inspired by that song. ‘Looking at the mirror she could see her lost past, her destroyed present, and her hopeless future.’ Something on those lines. What happened you probably have already realised, I won the competition among the stories from my year group. The prize was some discount on school materials or uniforms, I can’t recall; and a huge chocolate egg, which was one of my favourites with peanut cream, which I will never forget.

Apparently, I did write in my past and enjoyed doing it however I buried it in my memory and my personality. Believing that I wasn’t creative nor able to write. And the Reflection song resurged as to say something else:

“There’s a heart that must be
Free to fly
That burns with a need to know
The reason why”.

The song goes even deeper touching many other fragile and unique points of our identity as women in a world so biased and prejudiced. Writing is one of my hidden characters and I hope to find others more now that I had time to stop and look from inside out.

women's fiction 2021/07/08