Time isn’t the same for everyone

A year has passed by
And our little caterpillar
Has became a butterfly

Remembrances of lullabies
Holding you in our arms
Admiring your big eyes
With all of your charms

And your chubby cheeks

You were so small
Like a cute doll

Now look at you

Brave and curious
Walking around
Babbling about
We are so proud

That feeling of trusting
And our connection
Gave us the certainty that you’re ready to fly
Just need a little guide

You changed so much

Funny to think
How in a blink
You went from crawling
To unsteady walking

Glad to be there

For every little step
Of your precious development
Growing to be independent

We just want you to know
You can be whatever you want
Be true to yourself and trust
We love you, baby Yara, so much.

poetry 2021/10/26